Identifying Effective and Ineffective Articles

by on September 25, 2015

To accomplish its goals, an article needs to be effective. The problem though, is that many writers have no idea about the things that make an article effective. Likewise, many are unaware of the qualities of poorly-written content. If you’re among those people, there’s no need to worry. Read on and be enlightened.

Qualities of an Effective Article

1. The article has to communicate well with the readers.

In article writing, writers have to always think about their readers. Articles have to connect with the audience so the writers must take the readers’ experiences, needs, and preferences into account. An effective article also flows well for a smooth reading.

2. The article has to be attractive in all aspects.

Article writerThe article must not only be devoid of grammatical errors. It also has to be well structured. The sentences in a paragraph have to relate to each other. The order of the facts must not be confusing for the readers.
The title and introduction are important in article writing. They both have to stand out to attract readers. Writers use catchy terms to make this happen.

3.It has to be interesting from top to bottom.

An efficient article is read from the very first word to the last. The interest generated by the catchy headline must be retained until the conclusion.

Writers put anecdotes to make the articles engaging. Others include quotations from famous people which are relevant to the main topic of the article, or to its subtopic at least.

4.The content of the article have to be easy to understand.

Simplicity is beauty; this saying also applies to article writing. Writers have to make sure that their content are easy to understand. They have to consider that readers come in all shapes and sizes. Not everyone can comprehend complicated terms and concepts.

An effective article carries facts, ideas, and opinions that are – (1) relevant to the main topic, and (2) relatable for the readers. An article that does not comply with any of these two can be considered useless.

5.The article has to leave a mark.

Writing the conclusion is also important in article writing. The writer has to summarize the entire article using about three sentences and also give his final say about the main topic. It is also the deciding part; has this article served its purpose and was it able to leave a mark?

Some writers use a question or challenge for their readers in the conclusion. It is a great way of leaving a mark. An article that was written so well could prove to be unforgettable. Another example is an article that has really interesting or fascinating content that you cannot see in other articles.

Qualities of an Ineffective Article

1.The article is too formal.

Being too formal is synonymous with being boring. Interesting examples about the main topic is a solution in keeping an article interesting. Some writers must learn to leave the formality to textbooks and reference books.

2.It does not make sense to everyone.

Ineffective articles fail to “talk” to the readers. They plainly give out information without explaining its relevance. Writers must not forget to simplify the information that they have gathered for the readers’ sake.

3.It is full of rhetorical questions.

The article will look like an interview questionnaire if it has too many questions. Rhetorical questions are best placed in the introduction and conclusion.

4.The paragraphs are too chunky.

In article writing, the ideal length is five sentences per paragraph. The readers might feel uninterested just by looking at lengthy paragraphs. On the other hand, paragraphs of average length are pleasing to read.

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