Storage Containers are not Free from Disadvantages

by on September 8, 2015

Most people say that storage containers are full of advantages and benefits, but fail to mention the disadvantages. Are there none?

If you are someone who plans to own or rent a portable storage, you might want to know more about it and see if you still want to have it.

The Obvious Disadvantages that Most People Drop

The portable containers are made of metal. It is a known fact that rust attacks metals, except stainless steel. There will come a time when you can no longer check your container for possible rust formation, and that can become a problem. A rusty container won’t be able to protect all of the contents of your container, especially when it begins to leak.

The storage containers are extremely heavy; it is impossible to move them just using your natural strength. If you suddenly decided that it will look better on the other spot, then you will have some difficult time doing so. If you will hire a hauler just to move your container, then it means you need to shell out extra cash for it (a total waste of money).

Storage ContainerBetween a metal and plastic container of the same size, the former is more expensive than the latter. Metal is more durable than plastic and it lasts longer. It is also more tedious to create a metal container than a plastic container. Metal containers could get even more expensive because of the necessary rust treatment.

People’s Answers to the Problems

To avoid rust from invading your container, you really need to schedule regular maintenance to see if there’s any brewing problem. Applying rust treatment can help a lot, but you still need to monitor the condition of your container. The only thing you can do to avoid rust is to check. The moment you begin missing out the scheduled maintenance check, expect rust to accumulate soon. Once you’ve noticed rust formation, you need to tackle it once and for all, and prevent it from spreading to other areas.

The container will be delivered to you, and you can instruct the hauler to put the container on the area that you wish to put it – at no extra charge. However, if you have a change if heart and wish to move the container to a different area, then you will really need to hire a hauler to do that for you. The only way to avoid inconvenience (and paying extra cost) is to think of the most suitable spot to place the container. It should be a spot that you feel satisfied.

Metal storage containers may be expensive now, but they will definitely serve you for a long time. The more years they serve you, the cheaper they become.

The Verdict

If you have enough money to buy the metal container and you are sure that you will use it for a long time, then it is still more economical to push through with the purchase. You can always rent one if you still need to accumulate the fund you need to buy the container.

Plastic container will become brittle over time, and break in the end. Expect it to melt in case there’s fire.  There’s no available treatment that you can apply to plastic to make it last longer, unlike metal. Plastic deteriorates with time, and there’s nothing that anyone can do to stop it.

Metal can withstand almost anything. The only enemy of metal is rust. If properly maintained, it will remain as it is through time – it is practically ageless. It is important to keep rust from forming to keep the metal container in excellent shape.

Your belongings are safer and more secure in a metal container than in a plastic container. The metal containers usually come with a security box that plastic containers don’t have.

You will get more benefits from metal storage containers than from plastic ones, and the former will give you more savings in the long run.